Special Projects / Reports

    Implementation of Sri Lanka Dairy Development Project – Phase II

    After implementation of Sri Lanka Dairy Development Project Phase I in 2012/2013 under which 2,000 European type high yielding cattle were imported to Sri Lanka which have been accommodated in the three upcountry farms namely Bopaththalawa, Dayagama and Manikpalama successfully at present, the NLDB has signed the 2nd agreement with Wellard Company, Australia in 2014 to import another consignment of 2,500 nos of European cross bred type cattle to Ridiyagama farm at Ambalanthota in March/April 2015. Parallel to the above importation the Board has decided to develop all infrastructure facilities at Ridiyagama farm such as pasture/fodder developments, construction of cattle sheds, storage facilities, introduction of modern machinery and Equipment etc.

    Targeted milk production

    After importation of 2,500 cattle, Ridiyagama farm would become as the largest dairy farm in Sri Lanka which could produce approximately 15 million ltrs of milk annually from the year 2016. In addition to that around 600-700 heifer calves could be issued to the public annually by this project. After completion of both phases I & II of the Sri Lanka Dairy Development Project, the total annual milk production of NLDB would be 33 million ltrs by end of year 2017. Then the total contribution of NLDB to the National Milk Grid would be 51 million ltrs of milk with inclusion of milk produced by the followers stock issued to the public. The overall percentage of contribution of NLDB would increase up to 7-10% against the self-sufficient requirement of the country.