National Livestock Development Board


    To run a self-sustaining chain of Livestock and Crop Integrated Farms in different Agro-Ecological Zones with a satisfied workforce, to :

     Develop Livestock activities within a reasonable time period to continuously issue the requirement of breeding animals of farmers with the objective of making the country self-sufficient in Livestock and Dairy Products.

     Develop livestock and agricultural products with new technology with the participation of the private sector to increase the output and profitability of the organization.

     Cultivate Cash crops in selected Farms to support the cash crop production program in the Country.

     Achieve optimum productivity levels in Livestock and Agricultural Sectors.

     Obtain maximum productivity from Livestock and Crop Integrated Farming Systems and follow eco-friendly cultivation practices.

     Maintaining coconut plantations at optimum level to generate maximum profit.

     Practicing Livestock/Crop Integrated Farming System, wherever feasible.

     Providing training and demonstration facilities to the farmers, school children, officials involved in agriculture and especially to the livestock small holders.

     The establishment and maintenance of marketing outlets to supply quality farm products at reasonable prices.

     To produce value added products using raw materials produced in farms to get a high profit margin.