Reservation Procedure for
NLDB Circuit Bungalows

1.The interested party can obtain the primary information regarding the respective circuit bungalow such as whether the circuit bungalow is vacant or not on such date/s by over the phone dialing +94 773 782 168 in 24 hours.

2. Thereafter the customer should send a letter to the General Manager and Administrative Manager stating all details, (No of persons, days for reservation etc) on the same day or within 3 days by a fax to the Numbers mentioned below. Fax No +94 112 502 693

3. Then the respective bungalow will be allocated to the relevant party. After that the full payment should be made with 15% VAT by the customer only by cash to the Head Office before one week of date of reservation.

4. The customer will be issued a letter confirming the reservation with the cash receipt of the Board on the same day of the payment made.

5. If there is any urgent case occured on behalf of NLDB, the payment will be refunded to the customer,

Remarks :- Meals can be arranged by providing provisions at your choice to the cook available at each cicuit bungalow.