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Rosita Farm

    Rosita Farm

    Rosita Farm was a part of Rosita Estate. A Tea Estate owned and managed by a Sterling Company called Ceylon Tea Plantations Limited. With the implementation of the Land Reforms Commission and thereafter managed by the Janatha Estates Development Board. Lockhill division of Rosita Estate where the present farm is sited was riddled with eel worms and the planting of tea without eradication of eel worm was considered a futile exercise. Therefore, Lockhill Division of the Rosita estate consisting of 67ha. was handed over to the National Livestock Development Board during March, 1977. At present the Board is managing this unit as a crop-livestock integrated farm. This farm is located at Kotagala on the Hatton/Talawakelle road, is approximately 1 1/2km from Kotagala town and is approximately 145km from Colombo, 80km from Kandy and 56km from Nuwara-Eliya.

    Soil and Climate

    The soils at Rosita Farm are Red Yellow Podzolic type and its sub groups. These soils are moderately to strongly acidic with a definite trend towards increasing acidity with increasing rainfall. The farm receives 2405 to 4179mm. of rainfall during 163 to 204 days. The soils have a high organic matter status and medium Nitrogen status. Phosphorus and Potassium status is usually low in these soils. The Calcium and Magnesium supply in these soils are quite low. Orchard crops and vegetables would require the application of these soils enables in the farm of ground dolomatic lime stone. The good cation exchange capacity of these soils enables a satisfactory retention of chemical fertilizers even under the high rainfall conditions experienced in this region. The depth, texture and drainage is moderately good. As there is an urgent necessity to continue milk production programs, the wet Patana grasslands could meet the pasture requirement under sound management practices.

    • Avg.weight at selling -
      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years
      Selling rate - Heifers -
          175 Rs/kg
      Bulls - 130Rs/kg