Parasangahawewa Farm Parasangahawewa Farm

NLDB Farm from Anuradhapura District
Parasangahawewa Farm

    Parasangahawewa Farm

    Parasangahawewa Farm is situated in the North Central Province 23km from Anuradhapura. It was established in 1976 as a holding farm for neat cattle to meet the requirements of the Abattoirs. The Board acquired 1428Ha. of thick jungle land developed it for pasture and fodder, stocking with purchased indigenous pregnant Neat Cattle. Presently salvage animals are being housed and it is the intention of the board to carry out a planned breeding program to supply breeding material to the Dry Zone

    Soil and Climate

    The soil of this region categorized as Reddish Brown Earths. The soil reaction is usually neutral with the tendency towards slightly acidic in higher rainfall areas. However, in low rainfall areas the soils are moderately alkaline. The organic matter, Nitrogen and Phosphorus status is usually low. The Potassium status varies from medium to high. These soils are very well supplied with Calcium and Magnesium with an excellent cation exchange capacity. The soils could be considered as having very good chemical fertility and excellent potential for agricultural activity. A wide range of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, subsidiary food crops, pasture and fodder could be grown on these soils either under rain-fed or irrigated conditions. Crops of high economics value could be grown under irrigation during the dry season.

    • Avg.weight at selling -
      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years
      Selling rate - Heifers -
          160 Rs/kg
      Bulls - 130Rs/kg