OyaMaduawa Farm

OyaMaduawa Farm

    Oya Maduawa Farm

    The National Livestock Development Board took over this land as a virgin forest for development on 12 may 1975. The land came to be known as Oya Maduwa Farm. The Jungle was cleared and pasture and fodder established simultaneously with buildings construction. Neat Cattle were introduced on 15th December, 1976 followed with buffaloes on 30th September, 1978 and at the same time action was taken to upgrade the local animals. Oya Maduawa farm has since developed fast achieving its present status.

    Soil and Climate

    The soils at Oya Maduawa farm belong to the general soil classification of Reddish Brown Earths and the soil reaction is usually neutral with the tendency towards slightly acidic in high rainfall areas. The organic matter and Nitrogen status is low. Phosphorus status is usually low while the Potassium status varies from medium to high. These soils are very well supplied with Calcium and magnesium and they have a very good cation exchange capacity. By tropical standards these soils could be considered as having a very good chemical fertility and the agricultural potential of these soils could be rated as very high.

    • Avg.weight at selling -
      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years
      Selling rate - Heifers -
          160 Rs/kg
      Bulls - 130Rs/kg