National Livestock Development Board - Narangalla Farm

Narangalla Farm

    Narangalla Farm

    This property was taken over by the National Livestock Development Board from the Land Reforms Commission in 1978. Narangalla Farm consists of 03 Divisions scattered within the Electorate of Kuliyapitiya. The total extend of the farm is 216.2ha. Narangalla farm was created by separating three divisions namely, Narangalla, Medawa and Dangahakumbura from Galpokuna Farm in the year 2002. Narangalla the main division of the farm is situated 6km away from Kuliyapitiya on Narammala road.

    Soil and Climate

    It is observed that the main nutrients are available in sufficient quantities with the exception of the element Magnesium. The soils fall into the category of Red Yellow Podzolic group and they are high in acidity, but with no possible harm for coconut cultivation. The drainage is satisfactory with good cation exchange capacity assisting in the retention of inorganic fertilizers under varying conditions of rainfall.

    • Avg.weight at selling -
      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years
      Selling rate - Heifers -
          175 Rs/kg
      Bulls - 130Rs/kg