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Farm from Bangadeniya
Martin Farm

    Martin Farm

    The martin Farm is situated on the Chilaw-Puttalam main road approximately 4km from Chilaw town. Martin Farm consists of 05 divisions inclusive of Ipil Ipil plantation at Eluwankulama which was planted and maintained by Messer. Nestle Lanka Ltd., and taken over by NLDB in 1987. . Total extent of this farm is 182.43ha. Exclusive of 202.43ha. of the Ipil  plantation. The Land Reforms Commission handed over the Martin estate along with 05 other divisions to the National Livestock Development Board during 1981 in lieu of Walahapitiya Estate which was handed back to its previous owners. Later, Dedurusiri division and Kusala ‘B’ division were handed back to their farmes owners during 1987 and 1994 respectively.

    Solid and Climate

    The soils of this region belong to alluvial soils, Formed on recent water laid deposits in which no profile development other than an accumulation of some organic matter on the surface has taken place. Considerable variation is observed in the texture, depth and drainage of the soils in this region. Because of the extremely wide range of characteristics exhibited by these soils it is not possible to describe a model profile in respect of them. They are, however, easily recognizable where they occur along the valleys and flood plains of major rivers and streams. Rice could be grown on alluvial soils and fertility characteristics vary considerably. Appreciably high yields could be obtained from these soils with correct use of organic manure and chemical fertilizer coupled with proper water management. The productivity of these soils could be improved by more effective drainage and flood preventive measures.