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Farm from Naththandiya
Marawila Farm

    Marawila Farm

    Marawila Poultry Farm was handed over to the National Livestock Development Board by the Department of Animal Production & Health in 1992. Marawila Farm is situated on the Marawila-Nattandiya main road at 2km from Marawila town towards Nattandiya. The total extend of this Farm is 6ha. This is the only farm producing brown egg layer chicks in the National Livestock Development Board.

    Solid and Climate

    The soils of this region are sandy and situated in the elevated North-Western coastal areas of the intermediate zone. These soils are neutral in ph. The organic matter and the Nitrogen content is generally low. The Phosphorus availability is low whilst the Potassium level is medium. The Calcium and Magnesium levels are fairly good with a moderately good cation exchange capacity.

    • Avg.age at selling - Day Old

      Selling rate - Pullet -
          120 Rs/Chick