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    Murrah breed of buffalo, the pride of Haryana, is a milk type animal. The home tract of Murrah buffalo is Rohtak, Jind and Hisar districts of Haryana (India). It is also found in Nabha and Patiala districts of Punjab (India) and around Delhi .

    The physical characters of Murrah
    1. Body : Sound built, heavy and wedge shaped.
    2. White markings on face and leg extremities may be there (2, 3), but are not generally preferred.
    3. Eyes : Should not be walled i.e. the cornea should not have whiteness.
    4.Tail : Long reaching upto fetlock joint (2, 3, and 6) with black or white switch upto (maximum) 8.0 inches (4).
    5. Horns : Different from other breeds of buffaloes; short, tight, turning backward and upward and finally spirally curving inward. The horns should be somewhat flattened. As the age advances the horns get loosened slightly but spiral curves increases.

    The Nili-Ravi buffalo is a milk type of buffalo breed. They are found mainly in Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Multan and Bahawal Nagar districts in Punjab Province. Their color is black and their average weight at maturity is 800 kg for the male and 525 kg for the female.

    They have a wedge shape, massive frame, small curly horns, and wall eyes. They often have white markings on the forehead, face, muzzle and legs and white switch of tail (buffaloes with such markings highly desired and popularly called "Panj Kalian"). They have a large, strong udder and are generally docile. Average age at maturity is 30 months in males and 36 months in females. Longevity of production is good. White markings extending above hock and knee and over the neck and body, constitute a serious disqualification.