National Livestock Development Board - Haragama Farm
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Haragama Farm

    Haragama Farm

    Haragama Estate was privately owned and vested with the Land reforms Commission under the land reforms Act No.1 of 1972. Later this land was handed over to Janatha Estates development Board and subsequently to the International Development Agency Project of the Development of Animal Production & Health. The department of Animal Production & Health handed over Haragama Estate to the direct administration of the National Livestock Development Board on 1st  June, 1979.

    Soil and Climate

    The soils of this belong to reddish brown Latosolic soils and immature brown loams. The soil reaction is usually moderately acidic. The Organic matter and nitrogen status is medium to low. The phosphorus status is low, while the Potassium state varies from fairly low to medium. These soils are moderately well supplied in Calcium and Magnesium and have a good cation exchange capacity. The fertility is moderately good. The Physical fertility depth, texture and drainage is extremely good. These soils have a structural stability. The farm is situated at a elevation of 500 meters and the topography is of flat narrow valleys merging into rolling hills extend to steeper slopes and rugged mountains. The rainfall pattern is quite different to the Upcountry areas, receiving a comparatively low precipitation.