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Farm From Kuliyapitiya
Galpokuna Farm

    Galpokuna Farm

    Galpokuna main division is situated on the Madampe-Kuliyapitiya Road 2km from Udubaddawa Town. Galpokuna and its divisions were owned privately. With the Land Reforms Law these Estates were vested with the Land Reforms Commission and later managed by the Kuliyapitiya Co-operative Society. During 1978 Galpokuna and its division were handed over to the National Livestock Development Board for Administration and management.

    Soil and Climate

    Soils in this region belong to Red Yellow Podzolic type and their sub groups. These soils are moderately to strong acidic with a define trend towards increasing rainfall. Organic matter and Nitrogen status of the model group is medium and increasing with elevation. Phosphorus and Potassium status is usually low in the model as well as in the respective sub groups. Soils where the parent rock is rich in Potash feldspars, the Potassium status is fairly good. The Calcium and Magnesium Supplies are quite low, but this however dies not seriously affected crops such as Rubber. The good cation exchange capacity of these soils enables a satisfactory retention of chemical fertilizers even under the high rainfall condition which are experienced in these soil regions. The depth texture and drainage are extremely good from the point of view of the common plantation crops. Erosion is not a serious hazard on these soils because of their good structure stability. However anti-erosion measures are necessary on steeper slopes.

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      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years