National Livestock Development Board - Bopathalawa Farm

Livestocks in Bopathalawa Livestocks in Bopathalawa Livestocks in Bopathalawa

From the Nuwara-Eliya District
Bopathalawa Farm

    Bopathalawa Farm

    This farm was managed by the Department of Agriculture and later by the Department of Animal Production & Health. In the year 1992, the Farm was taken over by the National Livestock Development Board. At the time of being taken over the Farm maintained Holstein Friesian and Short Horn Cross Bred Herd to produce milk and to issue breeding material to the Farmers of the Country.

    Soil and Climate

    The Farm is situated in the Central Province in Nuwara-Eliya District at an altitude of 1676m. The pH of the soil varies from 4.5 to 5.5. The average rainfall varies from 2500mm to 3800mm, and over 200 to 250 rainy days. The monthly mean temperature is between 18ºC. to 28ºC. And the minimum temperature varies from 8ºC. To 15ºC. Night frost is common in February and March. Humidity is 75%-85% and from May till September severe storm wind and misty weather can be expected.

    • Avg.weight at selling -
      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years

    • Avg.weight at selling -
          18–20 kg
      Avg.age at selling - 1 year