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Farm from Kurunegala District
Andigama Farm

    Andigama Farm

    Andigama Farm is situated at Dambadeniya in the Kurunegala District and 8km from Dambadeniya town. Andigama Farm formerly known as Andigama estate managed by Ceylon Tea Plantations Co., a sterling Company, had been taken over by the Government under the Land Reforms Act. Thereafter the property was managed by the Janatha Estate Development Board and in 1976 it was handed over to the National livestock development Board.

    Soil and Climate

    The soils of these regions are categorized as Red Yellow Podzolic soils with well-developed laterite and there drainage associates. These soils are moderately to strongly acid with a definite trend towards increasing acidity with increasing rainfall. Organic matter and Nitrogen status is low to medium. Phosphorous and Potassium status is usually low in these soils and where the parent rock rich in Potash Feldspar, the potassium status is fairly good. Calcium and Magnesium supplies in these soils are quite low, but this however does not seriously affect plantation crops. Orchard crops and vegetables would require the application of these elements in the form of ground dolomite limestone. The good cation exchange capacity of these soils enables a satisfactory retention of chemical fertilizers even under high rainfall conditions which are experienced in this region.

    • Avg.weight at selling -

      Avg.age at selling -1 1/2 years

    • Avg.weight at selling -
          18–20 kg

      Avg.age at selling - 1 year